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New Horizons: Are Fluids in Sepsis Overrated?

Well, this is new territory. While I typically talk about esoteric/topics infectious diseases docs should be aware of (see: my recent posts on complicated SAB, prior topics tackling dosing of vancomycin and beta-lactamase inhibitors, and acute katayama fever, as examples) I occasionally delve into other more mundane topics (see: neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio). This one is a

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Super Antigen Suppression in Toxic Shock Syndrome

What do we want?  More nec fasc! When do we want it? Now! Perhaps not a lot of people really want necrotizing fasciitis (see here), though to be fair, this post is not entirely about necrotizing fasciitis. In fact, this deals more with the “super saiyan” antigens, those toxins that group A strep and some

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