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The Rapid Killer – Clostridium Septicum and Cancer

I am a fan of world war I. The biggest cluster in history (where two cousins were basically texting each other prior to the breakout of the war) led to the demise of several monarchies, the rise of new superpowers, and the grim reality of how modern warfare was going to play out going forward.

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Super Antigen Suppression in Toxic Shock Syndrome

What do we want?  More nec fasc! When do we want it? Now! Perhaps not a lot of people really want necrotizing fasciitis (see here), though to be fair, this post is not entirely about necrotizing fasciitis. In fact, this deals more with the “super saiyan” antigens, those toxins that group A strep and some

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Beyond Antibiotics – Oxygen for Necrotizing Fasciitis

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing 100% oxygen at a higher atmospheric pressure (usually 2.5-3 atm) and it has recently been widely used for multiple diseases. Recall Boyle’s law:  Increasing pressure decreases the volume, so pressurizing the human body causes a decrease in volume of gas-filled spaces (1). As such, it has clinical uses in arterial

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