Month: May 2023

Antifungals for Candida Infective Endocarditis – Where is the Data?

Candida and staphylococcus are two fairly common isolates of bloodstream infections, as well as part of our own microbiome. These two organisms also instill the fear of God into me, given how sticky they can be. I’ve talked a lot about staphylococcus and endocarditis in general, so candida endocarditis gets the spotlight for this post.

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Inhalational Anthrax – The Fulminant Historical Killer

Robert Koch is probably one of the most important people in all of medicine. Arguably one of the fathers of microbiology, he popularized the idea of his “postulates” which are a set of criteria designed to assess whether a microorganism causes disease (1). His most well known work is with the bacteria bacillus anthracis aka

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