Month: April 2022

Cryptococcus Meningitis – Making Amphotericin Float Like a Crashing Seagull and Sting Like a Scorpion

Am I going there? Am I going to look into a topic that one of my attendings literally wrote the guidelines for? I guess I am. Cryptococcus is a yeast that is typically found everywhere there is bat/pigeon droppings or contaminated soil, as well as in certain tree species throughout the world. The most common

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Neutropenic Fever – I Need The Vancz

Neutropenic fever, defined as a single temperature 38.3C (101F) OR 38.0C (100.4F) for one hour in patients whose granulocyte count are <500 cells OR <1000 cells with an expected decline to <500 over the next 48 hours. This is actually a fairly frequent occurrence in those who undergo intensive chemotherapy, especially in hematological malignancies, which

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