Month: September 2022

Straight from the Horse’s Lung: Rhodococcus Equi

Originally described as a pathogen in 1923, Corynebacterium equi was isolated from the lungs of ten foals (aka a young horse) who had pneumonia (1). Its name was later changed to rhodococcus (aka red coccus), and can be mistaken for mycobacterium spp due to its sometimes acid-fast appearance (2). It is known to infect horses,

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Monkey see, Monkey do: The Monkeypox Comeback

“A term that has been used in a number of systems of classification is variola vera. It is this idea of true or typical smallpox so often forming the subject of illustrations in text-books of medicine that has fixed in the minds of practitioners a single picture of what smallpox should look like. The literature

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TB or not TB: A Journey Through Chemotherapy

This is quite a corny and overtold joke. I have discussed some new drugs for multidrug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), which is defined as resistance to both rifampin and isoniazid, however I felt like going back to the basics of TB therapy. Indeed, we all learn in STEP 1 and med school about “RIPE-ing it up”

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