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Interferon Gamma Release Assays: How Do They Work?

Unfortunately, i have not being able to figure out how to rotate some of the images on WordPress, despite my google docs being in the correct configuration. Hence, some tables are rotated the wrong way. Do know I tried to fix it. I have been putting off writing about this since the immunology behind this

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TB or not TB: A Journey Through Chemotherapy

This is quite a corny and overtold joke. I have discussed some new drugs for multidrug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), which is defined as resistance to both rifampin and isoniazid, however I felt like going back to the basics of TB therapy. Indeed, we all learn in STEP 1 and med school about “RIPE-ing it up”

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Diagnostic Tools for Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Pulmonary tuberculosis is a global disease that tends to burden underdeveloped countries disproportionally as well people living with HIV. It is a difficult disease to diagnose in the microbiology lab, and as such, there have been various methods deployed in an attempt to diagnose it. While culture is the gold standard, it can take anywhere

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