Month: May 2021

Weekly Articles 5/30/2021

Quite a few here. A brief word on the new vancomycin dosing guidelines, dual therapy for enterococcal IE and MRSA bacteremia, and several updates on COVID-19. Anna Poston-Blahnik, Ryan Moenster, Association Between Vancomycin Area Under the Curve and Nephrotoxicity: a single center, retrospective cohort study in a veteran population, Open Forum Infectious Diseases, Volume 8,

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Rat Urine, Triathlons, Rainfall, and Spirochetes – The Enigma of Leptospirosis

Leptospirosis is related to the other spirochetes such as T. pallidum and B. burgdorferi. As such, they are thin-coiled bacterium that are difficult to detect via traditional staining methods, and like B. burdorferi, it is a zoonotic disease. It is prevalent anywhere there is water, and has a worldwide distribution. Despite this, the prevalence varies

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Necrotizing Staphylococcal Pneumonia – The Tale of PVL

Staphylococcus aureus is an organism that is quite common in many diseases, including skin and soft tissue infections, bacteremias, and pneumonia. It causes fairly severe infection due to its significant number of toxins and virulence factors. I have mentioned the superantigen that causes toxic shock syndrome however another toxin that is useful to know about

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