Month: May 2022

Cellulitis After Water Exposure – Fishy Microbiology

Skin and soft tissue infections are fairly common infectious presentations almost all physicians have experience with. In general, gram positive organisms tend to predominate in community-acquired cellulitis, usually skin organisms, which manage to get access to the soft tissues through a break in the skin itself. Exposure to water can change the microbiology of skin

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One PET, Two PET – Endocarditis and Positron Emission Tomography

PETs. We all love them. I have two of those, if the pictures in my “about me” page are any indication as well as the main pic of this post. This post will not cover our beloved (and sometimes only) friends. No, we will be talking about positron emission tomography, an imaging modality we usually

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The Microbiology of Diabetic Foot Infections – What I Didn’t Know

This and (likely) the next post are a product of questions I got asked. For instance, do you need anaerobic coverage for diabetic foot infections? Depends, but see later. What organisms do you need to cover for cellulitis in those who have had water exposure? Cephalexin and quinolones, with some exceptions. We will talk about

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