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Neutropenic Fever – I Need The Vancz

Neutropenic fever, defined as a single temperature 38.3C (101F) OR 38.0C (100.4F) for one hour in patients whose granulocyte count are <500 cells OR <1000 cells with an expected decline to <500 over the next 48 hours. This is actually a fairly frequent occurrence in those who undergo intensive chemotherapy, especially in hematological malignancies, which

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Dogs, dirty mouths, cancer, and booze: What you need to know about Capnocytophaga

There are multiple associations in medicine where the mere mention of a location, occupation, or risk factor elicits a response with regards to the disease. In infectious disease, there are multiple such as “spelunking” being associated with histoplasmosis, IV drug abuser associated with MRSA endocarditis, or cows placentas being associated with Q fever. When it

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