The Trojan Horse of Antibiotics

I reckon it’s time to write about new antibiotics. I do not like beta-lactamases. Mostly due to their ability to confuse clinicians, however also because it makes it difficult to pick an antibiotic for certain infections. I have written extensively about these, so look at this post. In general, carabepenemases and cephalosporinases within class A

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Resistance is Futile, For Now – Overcoming Resistance with Ceftazidime-Avibactam

I think we can all agree that resistance is inevitable, despite what the quote says, in the world of infectious diseases. More and more, the use of broad spectrum antibiotics (looking at you, vanco-zosyn!) brings upon more resistant organisms, with beta-lactamases being one of the key methods of resistance in many gram negative bacteria. As

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What To Do With Stenotrophomonas?

If you get nothing from this, just remember: TMP-SMX, fluroquinolones, minocycline. These tend to be good antibiotic options for this bug. Also, make sure if you isolate this from a trach or a endotracheal tube that there are signs of infection before you proceed with treatment as this can colonize plastic! Stenotrophomonas maltophilia is a

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