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Two vs Three: The Magic Number for HIV Therapy

HIV therapy has undergone many iterations. Long gone are the days of AZT and semi-literal drug cocktails and we have entered into an era where HIV treatment is as easy as just getting one pill per day with Triumeq, Biktarvy, and Atripla which include three-active components. Newcomer, Cabotegravir, may change the game going forward as

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Tivi-que? Why Dolutegravir is the GOAT(Thus Far)

Stop me if I have mentioned this before, but HIV therapy is actually quite simple these days. No longer do patients have to take a “cocktail” of medications (whatever that means, I typically think of the alcoholic cocktail) with regimens being streamlined into one simple pill: Atripla, Odefsy, Genvoya/Stribild, Triumeq, and the (relatively) new kid

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M184V – The Friendly Mutation?

As it so happens, someone much smarter than me has already written on this topic, so check out Paul Sax’s post: There is no doubt that anti-retroviral therapy has been one of the greatest accomplishments in HIV care. Nowadays, HIV is essentially a chronic disease that is easily managed with combined therapy, usually with

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