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Tivi-que? Why Dolutegravir is the GOAT(Thus Far)

Stop me if I have mentioned this before, but HIV therapy is actually quite simple these days. No longer do patients have to take a “cocktail” of medications (whatever that means, I typically think of the alcoholic cocktail) with regimens being streamlined into one simple pill: Atripla, Odefsy, Genvoya/Stribild, Triumeq, and the (relatively) new kid

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HIV Main Meds – Cheat Sheet

What to start? In general, start any combination that has an integrase inhibitor. In general, either Descovy OR Truvada + Dolutegravir Biktarvy (I think the most popular choice) Triumeq (if no HLA-B5701) There are newer combinations, which I will not go over (for instance, Dovato aka 3TC/DTG, Juluca aka DTG/RPV, Delstrigo aka TDF/3TC/DOR) nor will

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