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Classification of Streptococci

I am of the opinion (as is my idol, Mark Crislip) that microbiologists get together every few years, get drunk, and re-organize and re-classify microorganisms (its not like that, but Id like to believe this is the case). Streptococcus is one of those families of organisms that is difficult to organize in someone’s head, especially

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Daptomycin vs Linezolid for Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus

I’ve previously discussed how much more difficult Enterococcal infections are to treat when compared to other bacteria such as streptococci. This stems from the fact these bacteria have tend to be more resistant to beta-lactam antibiotics, with synergy being the name of the game for serious infections with these bacteria (in general, ampicillin/ceftriaxone). This is

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