Category: Helminths

Katayama Fever – Acute Schistosomiasis

The above is the Katayama Ki or “Katayama memoir” written by Dr Fujii in 1847 which describes the first recorded case of schistosomiasis japonica in the world. The initial description was based on patients from Katayama district, in the Hiroshima prefecture (yes, that Hiroshima).   Subsequently, a committee was formed to evaluate the disease and

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Strongylodiasis Hyperinfection

Strongylodiasis is probably one of those disease you don’t think about. After all, it is generally thought to be a tropical infectious disease, and as a result, there is little Western familiarity with it. While the number of infected people worldwide ranges from 30-100 million (1), with a recent review noting the prevalence being 10-40%

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