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COVID-19 Therapies in Non-Hypoxemic Patients – A Work in Progress

COVID-19 is still among us. I had actually predicted it would be an endemic virus, similar to influenza, where we would have to get annual “flu+covid” shots each year to avoid disaster. I have a lot of issues with the initial response, not to mention the amount of useless COVID-related papers that have been published.

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Influenza, COVID-19, Pulmonary Aspergillosis, Lions, Tigers, And Bears – Oh My!

Influenza season is right around the corner, and given the current circumstances, it is a terrifying thought to have both COVID and flu running around. Besides causing significant respiratory distress and subsequent ARDS, severe influenza leads to bacterial superinfection with organisms such as Staph aureus and Streptococcal pneumonia. This usually happens in 10-35% of cases

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