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ESBL Infections: A Conundrum Yet to be Figured Out

Extended spectrum-beta lactamase producing organisms are those gram negatives that make beta-lactamases that inhibit third and fourth generation cephalosporins. As such, things such as piperacillin-tazobactam tends to show up as susceptible in antibiograms, however there has been a push lately towards the use of carbapenems as therapy for infections with these organisms. It seems kind

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MIC, PK/PD Indices, and Antibiotic Breakpoints

I discussed C. auris in my last post and pointed out that, due to the relative novelty of the organism, there are no “defined” breakpoints when it comes to drug-bug combinations. While I did say that fluconazole, in many instances, was considered “resistant”, the truth is I cannot say that with 100% confidence as there

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