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What to do with MDR Acinetobacter Baumannii?

Here in the DrGermophile ranks, we talk about all beta-lactamases and how awesome they are. In particular, we like sulbactam. It is in combination with ampicillin, and its use is unappreciated to the uninitiated, but it plays a role in infections such as anaerobic pneumonia. It has a reasonably broad spectrum of activity, losing out

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MDRO, DTR, WTF? Defining drug-resistance in Gram Negative Organisms

Gram negatives are a nightmare. Or at least, they are becoming a nightmare with all new patterns of resistance, beta-lactamases and carbapenamases, and plasmid-encoded resistances bringing forth the new generation of beta-lactam and beta-lactamase combinations that I find difficult to keep up with. The definitions of multi-drug resistant organisms tend to be more geared towards

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The Trouble with MDR and XDR-TB – New Drugs Needed

Pulmonary tuberculosis is one of those infections that is difficult enough to treat under the best circumstances, as it requires the patient to take four drugs for an extended period of time. The development of resistance to any of the core drugs complicates matters, as it forces physicians to use other types of medications that

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